Request Information

To request more information on booking Eric, please fill out the form below. For detailed contact information, go to our Contact page.

Fees vary according to the amount of dates booked at one time. A one time presentation would be priced differently than a three day or week long engagement. Please feel free to call or e-mail to find out about the way in which Eric could best be utilized in your area.

Possible Venues:

You name it and more than likely, Eric has worked there. National youth conventions, colleges, school assemblies, churches, and Corporate retreats are but a few of the venues he has on his list. The best setup you can provide is proper sound, lighting…and an audience! Whether you are thinking about an outreach or a spiritual growth event, Eric is very comfortable and experienced with both.

Audience Size:

This is not a major factor. He has addressed as many as three thousand people, as well as just a few in small settings


If the event requires an overnight or an extended stay, hotel accommodations are gratefully requested.

Flight Information:

Event hosts are required to pay for a round trip flight from Eagle, CO or Denver, CO (Eagle County Regional or Denver Intl Airports). Ken Davis Productions will first secure flight times and other information.