Peak Programs

Adventures Beyond Limits (ABL)

The objective of ABL is to provide a unique experience that challenges young people to go beyond their perceived abilities. Each person gains a deeper understanding of their abilities by applying skills learned in the outdoors to their everyday lives. Adventures Beyond Limits is different from other groups in its adaptation to meet the special needs of each individual. ABL focuses on the accomplishment of improbable goals using unconventional means.

The concept of our vision was developed by Erik Weihenmayer, the first blind person to summit Mt. Everest, and Eric Alexander; a guide on that historic expedition. Most programs are currently located in the Vail Valley and focus on serving blind youth. The program is growing to encompass a greater variety of people with disabilities – all over the globe.

Activities are specially designed to suit the needs of those with limited skill as well as those with highly
developed skills. Activities include backpacking, bicycle touring (road and trail), peak climbing, ice climbing, snowshoeing, back country skiing and winter camping. The program is designed to teach and facilitate confidence, trust, teamwork and independence.

Established as a non-profit organization offering year-round activities, ABL draws upon the support of volunteers, private donors and foundation grants for our success.

Donations of your time, equipment and tax deductible monetary gifts are welcome at any time.

Professional Development

With a trip to the mountains executives will be able to leave everything behind and focus on the core elements of building a strong and dynamic team. Initiatives are a great and interesting way to test and enhance the ability of a group to communicate, problem – solve, develop teamwork, trust and strategies to enhance the effectiveness of an organization.

A team will be put through a series of field initiatives which will require problem solving, cooperation, teamwork, trust, creativity and communication. After completing the initiatives the team will have opportunities to debrief and discuss how the activities relate to real-life challenges.
This experience will lead the participants to new insights about themselves, others, and the team as a whole, fostering trust, relationships, commitment, and perseverance.

The desired outcome is to leave with a team that better understands each other and the necessary ingredients of working successfully together towards a goal with purpose and integrity. Get creative and plan a trip to Everest base camp in Nepal, Machu Pichu, or Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Program 121

Head to the mountains for a faith based program designed for Christian groups who are looking to build up their team on Biblical principals with a Christ centered focus. 121 comes from Psalm 121 “I turn my eyes to the hills, where does my help come from, my help comes from the Lord the maker of Heaven and earth…”

Program 121 is intended to reach men’s ministries as well as youth groups junior high through the college level and involves anything from weekend retreats to mission trips abroad seeking to aid people in need.