The Summit
Written by Eric Alexander

It’s one of the greatest challenges one can face on Earth; an ascent to the top of the world on the slopes of Mount Everest. Eric Alexander experienced grace and a faith-empowering journey he will never forget as part of a record-setting team in May 2001, scaling the heights of Everest with his friend, blind climber Erik Weinhenmayer.

Here is the powerful story of Eric Alexander and his unique life journey of guiding people with disabilities to the most perilous places of the world, including Mount Everest’s first blind ascent. In The Summit: Faith Beyond Everest’s Death Zone you will follow in their historic footsteps, and learn about faith, trust, prayer, depending on God, as well as the perseverance needed during these climbs and in your own life. Be inspired and motivated by Eric’s insight, not simply to survive but to thrive every day in God’s grace.

“I have read several accounts of Everest climbs, but none gave me the “behind the scenes” view this book provides… Whether you get exercise climbing mountains or strolling shopping malls, you’ll find your heart racing as you read The Summit: Faith Beyond Everest’s Death Zone. If not, you should call 911 immediately and get checked for a pulse.”

- Philip Yancey

Eric Alexander is an ambitious mountaineer, but not just for himself. Eric shows that his greatest ambitions are for the people he helps achieve the summit.

- Peter Hillary

I can say emphatically, there’s nobody I’d rather be stuck in a tent with at 20,000 feet as the hurricane-force winds rattle the tent poles, and nobody in the world I respect and trust more than Eric. His new book is nail-biting one moment and hilarious the next, but most memorable is how he shows us the art of accomplishing big audacious things through faith, friendship, optimism, loyalty, and love.

- Erik Weihenmayer

The Summit: Faith Beyond Everest’s Death Zone grabs you from the first account of the author’s near-fatal fall, and holds you until the last page. This is the closest thing to actually being there. I found myself gasping for breath in one moment and grabbing hold of the insights that are so abundant in these pages the next. I have known Eric Alexander for several years and dreamed of climbing with him. This book allowed me to do just that.

- Ken Davis

Eric is one of the most giving, selfless, humble men that I know. This book is a gripping account of one of the most challenging adventures in mountaineering. Just as Apollo was a tribute to a well trained team so is this book. I certainly felt that I was there for every step and you will too.

- Charles Duke (Apollo Astronaut and 10th man on the moon)

• Experience some of the most dangerous locations in the world, including abject terror on Amadablam, a blind ski descent of Russia’s Mount Elbrus, and up Kilimanjaro in Africa with four blind teens
• Gain wisdom in the application of trust, courage, innovation, teamwork, leadership, and integrity to overcome your own Everests
• Discover practical faith lessons learned on the highest peaks of six continents

We all have an Everest in our lives—what’s yours?

New Leaf Press
Available November 2010

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Touch the Top of the World
Written by Erik Weihenmayer

Erik Weihenmayer was born with retinoscheses, a degenerative eye disorder that would leave him blind by the age of thirteen. But Erik was determined to rise above his disability and lead a fulfilling and exciting life.

Touch the Top of the World can be purchased through Thanks for your interest.