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Skiing Vail with GoPro and Garage Band

// December 7th, 2011 // No Comments » // Skiing, Stress Free Moments

I had fun skiing Vail with my friend Mark French who is also the President of Leading Authorities Incorporated – a speaker’s bureau that provides me many corporate speaking events.
Skiing with Mark gave me an opportunity to test out a new GoPro HD POV camera as well as Garage Band music software .
What you are about to see was made purely for fun to test this system for future use.  I found the camera easy to use, however the mic leaves much to be desired.  As for the music – for a first timer I couldn’t be more pleased with the ease of use and the end result.

Long Road to Nowhere

// October 17th, 2011 // No Comments » // Reflections, Stress Free Moments

As my friend Eric Peters writes “…it’s a long road to nowhere…I’m pretty sure I’ll get there” in the song that accompanies this brief video, he struck a chord with me.  If we don’t set goals and set a course for some of the desires of our heart it is pretty easy to arrive at that nowhere place you never wanted to be.  This clip is meant to be a 30 second stress relief for those that take a look, also maybe a chance to look forward to that destination in the recesses of your mind of where you DO eventually want the Long Road to take you.

Music by Eric Peters

Time-Lapse video taken on iPhone4 with time-lapse app

Friday Stress Relief 2-11-11

// February 11th, 2011 // No Comments » // Skiing, Stress Free Moments

A day in the mountains, playing with iMovie HD for the first time.  This, I hope will make you smile.

A Backcountry How-Not-To

// January 19th, 2011 // No Comments » // Advice, Skiing, Stress Free Moments

Sometimes life gets a little heavy and the things of everyday tend to weigh us down. For me when I feel this way I like to get out with a good friend and have fun and forget, at least for a few moments about some of the stuff clogging up the pipes in my brain.
This video is evidence of that. If your feeling some stress and have a couple of minutes to kill, watch this video on what not to do while skiing in the backcountry. This is my friend J Whorton humoring me as I interviewed him on a quick morning ski tour in the backcountry near Vail.

Today’s Stress Free Moment

// October 23rd, 2010 // No Comments » // Stress Free Moments

Recently I gave a keynote presentation in Brownsville Texas.  Afterward I was able to have an escape on South Padre Island.  It was only a couple of hours long, but it was very refreshing coming from snow and rain in Colorad’s mountains.  Take one minute and have a vacation on me via Youtube.