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Guide to Yellowstone and Tetons – A Book Review

// November 30th, 2011 // No Comments » // books, Getting biblical

The latest edition in the True North series: Your Guide toYellowstone and Teton National Parks was a read that left me wanting more.  In fact it made me want to go back and visit these parks again with a fresh perspective.  Having stood on top of the Grand Teton and bicycle toured through Yellowstone park, I have seen a lot of the natural features and beauty in these parks while my mind considered their formation.
  This book doesn’t just merely offer up answers, it will challenge you to engage your brain and think – even better, it will encourage you to seek truth in the process.  As Psalm 104:8 says “the mountains rose, the valleys sank down to the place which you established for them” so is the perspective from which this book is written.  There is no kick in the teeth to those who hold an evolutionist point of view, rather common sense explanations of a young earth backed by the scientific method put into language that all can understand from a Biblical foundation.  In other words this book is not picking a fight, it is intelligently supporting the idea that there is a God who is a creator, and he is the one who put the forces in motion to forge such beauty.  This book accomplishes it’s three fold purpose of 1. being a guide to the overlooks; 2. offering arguments for creation vs evolution; and 3. showing how the parks themselves are supported by the idea of a great flood and intelligent design all while offering pages of wonderful photography that all serve to encourage the reader on towards good stewardship of our natural world.  I can now just imagine how valuable this guide would be in my hands as I toured the parks today in person again with my kids.  It would help me to discover the greater treasure and deeper value of our parks.  Guess I know what I am doing next summer – road trip!  (to Yellowstone and the Tetons of course.)

The Summit in iBook Store and Kindle

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Just taking a minute with my camera to announce that my book The Summit is now available in the Apple bookstore iBooks and also for Kindle at

If you like reading electronically or want an easy gift idea, this is a fun new option.