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On Christmas morning my wife Amy opened her stocking to find a big surprise – I had signed her up for a Ski Mountaineering Adventure Race without her knowledge.  Even though this gift was complimented with some new ski gear, I think that her stomach dropped and a bit of doubt and insecurity began to show.  We had talked about the idea of doing this but she wasn’t pulling the trigger so I figured I would pull it for her.  Throwing on skins and gliding up the mountain is one of her favorite past-times and methods for working out, it made perfect sense to me to give her a training goal.  Well it worked.  We both got on board with a program, she invested herself into it, practiced harder and more consistently than ever, added variety to the routine and it became more fun – for both of us.  I don’t know who was more brave – me for signing her up, or her for going through with it.

Soon race day was upon us and due to nervousness Amy didn’t sleep much the night before.  The start would be early and as the gun went off the snow began to fall.  Initially the course would take racers up over 2,500 vertical feet and then skins would come off followed by a rapid black diamond descent.  One more round of skinning would lead to a final boot pack ascent and a speedy finish through the race course on Gold Peak.  Throughout the race I was able to offer support by using the lifts to follow the competitors.

As the video shows Amy thought she was somehow behind the other female racers when in fact she was only behind four others – in the MEN’s division!  Amy had won the women’s division of her race, her first race at that.  I was so proud of her for giving it her all both in training and in the race.  More than anything what this event did was give us something to focus and work on together.  Winning was not important though it did feel good.  What was of more importance is what it did for our relationship.  Amy has always been supportive of me and my adventures, but this time I go to support her and we got to help each other in the process.  Goals are important to have and they become more meaningful and more achievable when we strive for them side by side.Up!Amy on the Podium

Racers at the Lionshead Starting Line

Racers at the Lionshead Starting Line

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