A Fear of Dying

// April 23rd, 2012 // Leadership, Reflections

Life is terminal.  In my daily routine, getting caught up in the busyness of things, I often forget this fact and think that life will just keep on going.  However, there will come a time when we will all have to face this reality, some sooner than later, sudden, and unexpected and for some after a very long life.  The question then is not if we will face it but rather how.  Will we face it gracefully knowing our lives had purpose and that our soul moves on?  Or will it be with pain, anger, bitterness and fear of the unknown and of a life not fully lived, not fully given?

Recently my family had the opportunity to spend some time with a man who is wrestling with terminal brain cancer named Tom Driscoll.  About a year ago Tom was diagnosed and given weeks to live.  After multiple surgeries and a new home called hospice, Tom continues on getting the most out of each day by giving to others each day with a positive attitude and a joy for living.  The hat on his head covers the evidence of cancer much of the time, but Tom is not afraid to go without and show his now misshapen head and the damage this disease has caused.

The damage is to his brain but has not affected his heart, his spirit, or his will and that is because he knows that the worst kind of cancer is the kind that devours the soul.  Tom doesn’t just attend church, sneak into the back row while bitterly praying to God “Why me?!”  He gets up front, stands tall, and sings praises to God as a member of the choir.  In spite of the fact that he may not see the transformation of another season, he is a man at peace because he knows the true transformation has already taken place inside of him.  He knows his savior, he knows Jesus, therefore he has peace even though his today will soon pass.

Tom gave my family a gift.  A reminder to live each day positively, with purpose, faith, hope and love.  To be strong and courageous, not given to fear.
Should you take the opportunity to go and meet someone like Tom, be ready to be infected, not by a disease, but by a power that can transform the fear of death and the unknown
into acceptance by faith of those things unseen.

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  1. Ineke says:

    …so well expressed and so right on! What an inspiration this man is! Tears and thoughts of might I be so brave. Thankfully, in the Lord we have the certainty that this is not all there is!!

  2. Mike McGinnis says:

    Thank you for passing the gift along! What an inspiration and powerful reminder to live life to the top!

  3. tyler says:

    What an inspiration how is he doing now

  4. tyler says:

    How is he

  5. tyler says:

    I pray for a miracle

  6. Tyler says:

    Did he have a great Christmas

  7. tyler says:

    How’s he doin now

  8. tyler says:

    My prayers are for him

  9. tyler says:

    Hope all is still going well

  10. tyler says:

    He still doing good

  11. tyler says:

    How’s he doing

  12. tyler says:

    How is he now

  13. tyler says:

    How is he doing now

  14. tyler says:

    How’s he doing now I ask a lot I know but I care

  15. tyler says:

    Hows he doing

  16. tyler says:

    How’s tom doing

  17. tyler says:

    How’s Tom and his family

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