Fully Clothed

// November 1st, 2011 // Getting biblical, Leadership

Last week here in Vail we received about a foot of snow with temperatures dropping down into the low teens.  On a recent trip to the Icebox of the Nation – the Fraser valley – we experienced our first dose of real cold this season with a morning of 2 degrees (F).  My friend even said at his house it had been minus 7, and it is still October!  Now it is the first of November another weather system is fast approaching and I am scrambling to make sure the cars are ready, my girls are ready, and that I too am ready for the deep freeze of winter.  Our world gets chilly and we need to make sure we have lots of layers and a solid outer coat to protect us and keep us warm.

As I get everything and everyone prepared I think of climbing in the arctic circle, climbing in the death zone on Everest and even skiing in Colorado on the worst days.  It starts with the socks and underwear as the base layer, moves out to a good breathable but insulating mid-layer sometimes followed by a technical soft-shell or gore-tex and lastly depending on the day the big “puffy” or parka.

As my wife and I were getting our girls layered up to go out and play in the cold she started talking about how we should do the same every day with our attitudes and virtues.  It caught me a bit off balance and unprepared.  I plan to the finest degree covering every detail about what goes on the outside to protect me from the cold world, but don’t often plan to the same extent to clothe the inside.  I don’t give much thought to the daily internal layers of character and virtue to protect me from the cold world or even better to share the warmth given me with it.

Colossians 3:12 says “Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.”  I think in this way if I can plan a little ahead and make sure I am putting these layers on first, the harsh cold world might become a little warmer.  It’s the goggles that help me to see compassionately, the gloves that give me a touch of kindness, my holy underwear that keeps me humble, the soft middle layer that allows for gentleness, and lastly the “puffy” that allows me to bear with others through storm and be patient or even to give away when they are in greater need of being warmed.

As this next storm bears down on us I am making sure I have all my layers ready to go inside and out.  Are you ready for the next season in the icebox? 

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