Expedition Impossible

// September 2nd, 2011 // Events, Leadership

What do teamwork, tenacity, physicality, and toughness have in common?  These are words I would use to describe a team of my friends competing on ABC’s summer series Expedition Impossible.  If you didn’t watch (I understand reality TV gets harder and harder to tune in to) I recommend you watch perhaps the last couple of episodes of this series (free on www.abc.com ) as my friends encounter challenges that would force many to quit.  As if it wasn’t enough to have one team mate who was blind, these guys had to compensate for an injury to another team mate – War veteran Aaron Isaacson, when he damaged his ankle and was put in a cast.  The three members of No Limits hobbled on through desert, river, and bustling Moroccan cities to come in as runners up in this multi-week challenge.  I know the editors of these programs can make or break public opinion of teams with their edits, but even so I know these guys well enough to know that they kept their focus on the main objective of the task at hand, and continually striving towards the finish line.  The infighting was kept to a minimum, they helped each other past each person’s difficulties, and they kept pressing forward.  They didn’t let the other teams and other issues get to them, they just stayed focused on what they needed to do.  This formula works.  It works in life and it works on reality TV.  When you couple this kind of team effort with skill and training, it becomes hard not to break down self imposed barriers and limits as well as those put on us by others.  For this reason the guys Erik, Aaron and Jeff certainly earned their name team No Limits.  Congratulations and thanks for the inspiration!

Erik Blindly Ziplines over a raging river.

Aaron, Erik, and Jeff face a challenge in the Moroccan Desert.

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