Longs Peak Memorial Climb

// August 11th, 2011 // Climbing, Events, Hiking

The Diamond

Caution: I am weird
I fast because I’m hungry
I run because I am thirsty
I die every day because I want to live
I lead because I follow
I give everything away to become rich
I am weak and broken so that I will be strong
I see more when my eyes are closed
I’m in love with someone I haven’t seen
I love the unlovely
I am honored when people mock me
I embrace these foolish things to become wise
I will walk whole heartedly out on any limb He requires,
because even if He lets it break, He can teach me to fly.

Lygon Stevens




View from Summit of Chasm Lake

To stand on the summit is a privilege not a victory.
No one can conquer a mountain,
it is impossible and does not exist.
All people are mountain climbers but not all people will climb.
This truth does not change for any person:
The privilege of standing on the summit only lasts a few minutes –
no one can linger there.
Keep pushing on and learn that victory comes in the day to day,
not the product of the day to day,
not the few moments in which the pushing upward ends.
Victory and glory come from conquering oneself
not the mountain. Lygon Stevens

We began our climb at 3:45 a.m. after a sleepless night for me.  An alpine start on Longs Peak after I had delivered a presentation the night before to  a group eager to raise funds for a good cause.  The funds the year before went to a gal who with $1,500 dollars started an orphanage in Nepal that now serves 250 kids.  Wow.

In the darkness we began with a prayer offered by Lygon’s brother Niklis, who was also caught in the 2008 avalanche on Little Bear peak that claimed his siter’s life.  Up the trail we went covering different routes as different teams dressed in the neon colored T’s of the event took on the 14,259′ challenge .  Hundreds of others were also on the mountain that day and as they asked about the bright shirts we were able to share about the testimony that Lygon’s life was.

It was a joy to become acquainted with the Stevens family and especially Nik as we climbed that day.  John Trousdale of www.DurangoTV.com filmed for www.DayofDiscovery.org as we ascended on this cold and windy morning.  But as the sun appeared we felt the familiar warmth of hope that it offered in contrast to the cold that we felt.  New friendships and insights were gained as we shared stories – some tragic, some humorous, and all offering perhaps just a little more peace and understanding as the passing of a loved one brought worlds and lives together that would not have otherwise met.

Thanks Stevens family for letting me in and sharing your mountain with me.  Climb High.

John Trousdale, Eric Alexander, Niklis Stevens

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