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The Kindle Winners Are…

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Thank you to everyone who posted about my book for a chance to win a Kindle with -The Summit: Faith Beyond Everest’s Death Zone – on it.  There were a lot of posts yet the odds of winning were good.  And the winners are:
Melinda Lancaster –  blogger who referred people who posted the video. Melinda is a minister in Spring Hill, TN.
Heather Lammers – posted the Summit video trailer.

We received 120 entries in the contest – people reporting they posted the video on their social media sites.

The trailer has received 468 views.

Thanks again everyone for participating.  Winners were randomly selected.  Sorry sis, I couldn’t pull any strings, but maybe Santa will be good to you this year.

FREE Kindle and The Summit Giveaway

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Share the excitement of the new book,The Summit: Faith Beyond Everest’s Death Zone! Post the Video Book trailer on facebook, twitter, your blog, etc. Each time you report your post at this link, you will be entered to win a Kindle with The Summit already on it. The winner will be chosen and announced at on November 23rd.

Watch the trailer for The Summit

To enter for your chance to win, click here.


Thank You American Veterans

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Today is veterans day.  I would personally like to thank all of those that are currently serving in the U.S. Military and all of those who have served and fought to protect, liberate, and defend this great nation of ours.  Thank you and God bless the USA!

Reptitive Redundancy – I’ll Say It Again…

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Have you ever been engaged in a conversation, or even just talking to someone, when the person to whom you are speaking repeats exactly what you just said thinking that he or she has originated the idea?  It has happened to me enough times that I now use the technique as somewhat of a game, or even sport to dryly see what kind of reaction I can elicit as well as to see what kind of a response I can get.

Synonyms, and other words that mean the same thing, become tools in the game of repeating for the sake of redundant originality.  The best part of it is when I get caught by someone who knows my game and fires right back making it a duel of vocabulary and creativity.  The key in this game is to keep a straight face, or show no emotion, so as to confuse the other party by what appears to be a very limited vocabulary.  The game is even more fun when a third party enters the conversation and comments of the first can be repeated again redundantly or for a second time.

So what is an example?  It might go like this…”My friend just got incarcerated!” Reply: “Oh no, that’s too bad.  Is he going to be put in jail?”  Response: “Yes, but he should make bail.”  Reply: “Before that happens maybe someone could put up some money and get him out.”  Response – usually a punch in the arm if not worse.

Here’s one more, but if you elect to try this just be ready for people to look at you cross-eyed, especially when you try it on strangers.  “The roads are getting slick!”  Reply “Be careful they could be icy.”

Or “That gal was a gifted orator.”  Reply: “and she was one heck of a speaker too!”

So for now it is time to sign off, so I will say goodbye because I must bid you adieu as this is the end and it is over just in time to wrap it all up, lest I repeat myself or even say the same thing twice.   The time has come to commence to begin to start to get going on my next project.

The First Signed and Sold Book

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Before my event at City Rock this past Monday, a passerby named Mike Kost wandered into the gym while on break.  He liked the book, picked up a copy and then had to leave to get back to work.  He became the first person to buy my book and the first person for whom I could make an inscription.  Here is his picture and a few more from the day.  Yes – I used audio visuals for the blind students – many of them have partial vision.  They also serve to keep me from rambling.

Mike Kost Gets the First Signed and Sold Copy

The New Books and the O2 I needed to write.

Blind Students getting to climb

Book Release Party

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This past Monday was an exciting day for me as I got to release my new book The Summit: Faith Beyond Everest’s Death Zone.  First I had a national radio interview with Ryan Dobson and Toben Heim.  Two great guys that did a super job and have a very good radio program.  Dr. James Dobson poked his head in for a minute and I got to meet him as well.  My wife was a bit upset that she did not get mentioned on air, but instead there were many references to my “partner” meaning my climbing partner Erik Weihenmayer.  Sorry Amy. 

Shortly after the radio event I made my way over to City Rock climbing gym and gave a short presentation to blind students and other community members who were interested in the book and in doing a little climbing.  The video is a snapshot of what that was like.  It was a good time and a fun way for me to start getting my book out to folks and hopefully inspire them on to Higher Summits.

Book Release Party

The Summit Book Trailer

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Here is a brief video that gives you an idea of what my new book is all about. Let me know what you think.