A Standing O

// October 18th, 2010 // Leadership, Other

Just the other day I gave a keynote address to the St. Joseph’s Academy community Prayer Breakfast in Brownsville Texas.  When I was done addressing the audience I received a standing ovation.  This is certainly an honor and to be honest I find it most humbling.  I was able to stand up and talk about the faith that is required to climb the Everest’s that we all face, and the courage it takes to face mountains of doubt.  I shared about teamwork that goes beyond mere cooperation to accomplish common goals, and challenged people to depend on each other and on God as they persevered onward towards that end.  I shared from my climbing experiences and at the end of my time in this small border town found that I was the one who actually received a message.

The message I received was from those who give their all to the students and community in humility and hard work every day and make a difference in those lives.  In a short time I can say my life was touched by the warm reception, kindness, dedication to doing a good job, and the pride of a collaborative effort that makes the community strong.  I think they gave me a standing ovation because they understood the message, were already applying it, and felt as though someone understood them for who they are and what they are doing.

So now back home I stand and return the applause.  Keep up the good work, persevere and never give up on those you serve St. Joe’s.

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