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The Narrow Margin

// September 6th, 2017 // No Comments » // Climbing, Events, Leadership, Reflections

Not every climb forces me to take inventory and reflect on my faith and the things that are most dear in my life, but the climb I just returned from in the Swiss Alps has done just that.  The Alps?  They seem so serene, so tamed, so first world with fine wine, good meals, huts […]

A Traverse

// June 27th, 2017 // No Comments » // Uncategorized

Ultra-Runner and Trader Joe’s captain Mike McGinnis at mile 88 of 100 on the West Rim of Zion National Park nearing completion his second Park traverse in 4 days. A traverse in climbing is a horizontal move from one position to another that allows for continued upward progress along a route or wall where otherwise […]

Everest 2017

// June 6th, 2017 // No Comments » // Climbing

The climbing season on Everest this year unfolded with amazing climbs of inspiration and also of loss.  Alpinists accomplished heroic feats using strength and skill, while heroes possessing untold strength and skill were lost to it’s unforgiving and cold indifference.  Many state that even the mountain itself has been changed, that a place of legend […]

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